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At My Fancy Cake, we’re committed to helping people make the best cakes possible. We publish weekly articles to help you learn the skills and recipes that fill our books and inspire you to try new techniques.

We’re also passionate about collaborating with others and supporting the community of home bakers. We regularly take part in events, speak at conferences, deliver masterclasses for groups or companies – it’s all about sharing our passion.

If you like baking and cake decorating, we hope you’ll enjoy discovering our books and videos.

Happy baking!

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My Fancy Cake

My Fancy Cake is a cooking blog with a focus on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. You'll find reviews of cake-related products, how-to guides for decorating cakes, and tutorials on baking in general. And yes, there's a recipe or two in between! I hope you enjoy browsing around my blog!

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